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COO - Chief Operating Officer

Dany Atallah

Professional Skills

Design 95%
Project Management 89%
Sound Design 90%
Editing 98%
Videography 80%
Web Design 93%

Experience & Activities

Meet Dany, a seasoned visual artist and creative powerhouse who believes in the transformative power of creativity in our daily lives. With a background in computer graphics and animation, Dany’s passion for perfection, combined with his fun-loving and coffee-fueled personality, drives him to consistently deliver exceptional results.

Beyond his expertise in visual arts, Dany’s thirst for knowledge led him to explore music, enriching his skill set with a unique and innovative approach to sound design. This fusion of talents makes him one of the most versatile and proficient professionals in the industry.

Having honed his skills during his time at Live Love Lebanon, Dany’s work ethic is deeply ingrained with a profound appreciation for the culture he seeks to positively influence. His years of experience have made him adept at leading projects and seamlessly collaborating with teams to create outstanding productions.

When you work with Dany, you can expect nothing short of excellence and creativity that transcends boundaries. With his keen eye for detail and unwavering dedication to his craft, Dany is the driving force behind remarkable visual and auditory experiences that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.